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RSS Music Feeds
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Artistopia empowers online music communities with the ability to syndicate artists, musicians, and songwriters on their websites through a real-time RSS feed service. With Artistopia's RSS, online music communities can display artist information and link directly to their comprehensive profiles located on Artistopia. This information is provided free of charge for use on websites and Weblogs (aka blog).

What is RSS?

Available RSS Feeds
  • Music Artists by Genres
  • Music Charts by Genres
  • Short for Really Simple Syndication (some prefer Rich Site Summary), RSS is a lightweight XML-based technology for sharing Web content. Artistopia currently uses RSS version 2.0 and offers several RSS feeds, each of which contains the relevant artist information and a link back to Artistopia for full profile viewing. RSS feeds are free.

    How do I use RSS?

    To use RSS, you will need an RSS reader or aggregator. There are a number of different readers and utilities you can use, many of which are available for free. Most readers are free-standing applications that you download and install, while others are Web-based services that work with your browser. After installing the RSS content reader, you can add each feed manually by clicking on the desired RSS feed above. Follow the directions for your specific content reader on how to add feeds. Artistopia only makes content available in RSS feeds and does not provide RSS programming support.

    What are the benefits of RSS?

    The biggest benefit to RSS is that individuals opt-in to content of interest, totally controlling the flow of information that they receive. Additional benefits RSS provides include:

  • Delivery of fresh and relevant content to your website, which encourages users to return
  • Constantly changing content means that search engine spiders will visit more frequently
  • Automate delivery of quality information from a reputable content provider
  • RSS ultimately enables you to automatically feed content to your site and create many pages for search engines to crawl and consume. As search engines recognize the content on your site, you will find your site appearing more and more in search engines. The result? More surfers will visit your content rich site.

    What are the terms of use?

    The feeds are provided free of charge for use by individuals and non-competing organizations for personal use in a content reader or as part of a non-commercial Website or blog. Artistopia requires proper format and attribution whenever Artistopia content is posted on your Website. Please read the Artistopia RSS terms and conditions for complete instructions.

    If you provide this attribution in text, you must use: Artistopia. If you provide this attribution with a graphic, you must use the Artistopia logo which is included in the feed itself. Artistopia reserves all rights in and to the Artistopia logo, and your right to use the Artistopia logo is limited to providing attribution in connection with these RSS feeds. Artistopia also reserves the right to require you to cease distributing these feeds at any time for any reason.

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