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Bill Farkas

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Member Since1/2005
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Sea of Mass Confusion

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Bill Farkas
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Making the world a better place!

Bill Farkas has been called everything from a "distinguished international businessman" to a “ 21st Century Troubadour".

Farkas grew up sharing the stage in Cleveland, Ohio, with such "young unknowns" as Joe Walsh (Eagles), Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders), and Benjamin Orr (Cars). After receiving his degree in international business, it was "time to get a real job" as Bill wryly puts it.

His 25-year hiatus from the music business took him from the frozen harbors of Iceland to the scorching deserts of Saudi Arabia; On trade missions from Australia to South Africa; Giving keynote addresses before the UN, Congress, even the Bulgarian Parliament as an international IT executive.

Utilizing his education at one of America's leading academic think tanks (Hiram College), he joined the Tandy Corporation, pioneers of the first personal computer systems. After establishing Tecmar as an world market leader in PC tape backup and data security, he founded PerifiTech, an international computer company specializing in high speed data storage and disaster recovery. His company was recognized by the Weatherhead Graduate School of Business in their Top 100 as one of the fastest growing companies in Ohio (No. 11 in 1999 and No. 13 in 2000). He re-invented himself again in 2002 by moving to California and climbing back into the recording studio.

Dedicating his art to provocative songwriting, his music presents a unique blend of edgy rock, acoustic melodies and thought provoking lyrics. With his dynamic stage presence, powerful baritone voice and quirky sense of humor, Bill's live shows are an event you will long remember.

Bill's current CD, "Sea of Mass Confusion" is a compelling testament to Farkas’ need to get the word out. Pulling no punches, it is an epic endeavor that covers social and political issues, as well as autobiographical issues from the heart. Recorded at Dan Akroyd's mansion in the Hollywood Hills, and mixed by Grammy-winning engineer, Stefan Marsh (Keb Mo, Neil Diamond, Barbara Streisand), S.O.M.C. represents some of the most thought-provoking, powerful messages in contemporary music.

You can purchase the CD Sea of Mass Confusion at CD Baby or individual tracks at iTunes.

Bill's Activist Forum is a testament to his emerging influence with over 4.5 million readers. The Forum consists of major categories, sub-divided into topics or "threads". Registered users can comment on existent threads, initiate new topics, comment on others' comments or simply "rant".

Find petition drives, fund-raisers, organizational "calls to action", and real-time news covering a wide array of subjects: Human rights, animal rights, environmental issues, legislative initiatives, and many other "issues-of-the-day".

Yes, Bill Farkas is on a mission … He wants to make the world a better place. Isn't it about time you GOT INVOLVED?

Artist Mission

To communicate significant messages through thought-provoking lyrics, melodic instrumentation and dynamic vocals. Dedicated to Classic Rock enthusiasts something "new and updated" content-wise, but still with that old Buffalo Springfield, Traveling Wilburys feel. A "throwback" to a time when music was culturally integrated into our political and social ideals.

Music Influences

Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, Neil Young, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Leonard Cohen, Jesse Colin Young, Paul Butterfield.


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