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Artistopia Help Center
Artistopia wants you to be as knowledgeable as possible about the service offerings made available to you. Therefore, a comprehensive user friendly FAQs section that addresses most frequently asked questions has been provided for you. By selecting the appropriate FAQ group below, you will find the answers you might be looking for.
General Questions
Profiles - The artist profile is a biography presenting the artist, singer, or band to the music community. This section includes information on building your profile professionally.
Forums - Have a question about our music forums? Artistopia has set forth a comprehensive list of FAQs to answer any question you might have.
Shopping - From selling your music online to buying music related merchandise, your questions are answered here.
Site Usage - Artistopia is used by indie and unsigned artists, bands, singers and songwriters, by music businesses such as record label personnel, A&R reps, music agents and managers, as well as the millions of music fans just wanting to listen to the new and talented artists found on Artistopia. Find information regarding site usage here.
Music Fans - Online friends and fans information on signing up, reviewing, sharing, and helping to promote music artists you love. Also, link exchange information about sites and types of links that Artistopia may support. (Under Construction)
Member Consoles
Artist Console - Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and in depth answers concerning the variety of features included in your Console. New features and updates are added frequently, so check back often.
Memberships - Important facts about being a member at Artistopia
Support - Having technical difficulties or problems? Troubleshoot your answer to various concerns here.
Ranking - Learn how the charting and ranking systems work at Artistopia.
Music Industry
Information - Common questions and answers about the music business.
Promotion - Learn more about to promote yourself and/or your band through the many features offered by Artistopia.
File Formats - Types of file formats acceptable to use on Artistopia for the best presentation of your images and music.
Music Genres - Want to learn more about the music genres listed on Artistopia? From Alternative to World, find music classifications and genre descriptions here.
Company Information
About Us - Learn more about who Artistopia is and what Artistopia offers the unsigned and independent artists and music community.
Registration - Who needs to register, where, and how to register at Artistopia
Billing - Billing, payments, credit cards, and signing up information at Artistopia.
Artistopia Stations
General Info - Artistopia Music Station information that you need to know.
Create Stations - Listen to custom music the way you like it by creating your own personalized music stations. Watch the concert footage, interviews and music videos of the bands and artists you love and discover new music. Welcome to music TV!
View Stations - View the music stations you custom created and learn about all the options available. You just might discover some new similar band or artist that you didn't know about!
Share Stations - A beautiful thing about the Internet is being able to share the music we love with friends, family, coworkers and the world.
Contact Support - Information when users need to contact Artistopia Support about Music Stations
Still Got Questions?
Click here to contact us regarding your question or inquiry. General inquiries are answered promptly, however, there are times when an inquiry results in more time needed for research to produce accurate results. Ultimately, your patience will be rewarded with honest expert advice guaranteed to be from the best in the industry. We look forward to hearing from you!

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