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Salsa Kids Salsa Kids Latin
Two of the members of the explosive musical group Salsa Kids, the creators of the youthful salsa mus...
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Veronica Lopez Veronica Lopez Latin
Latin recording artist, Veronica Lopez, is affectionately called �Chaparita Sexy� for her diminutive...
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Eddie Robson Eddie Robson Latin
Eddie Robson was born in Mexico City. At the age of 7, he showed interest for the music after receiv...
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Pepe Calavera Pepe Calavera Latin
Panamanian born Pepe Calavera brings together a culture of Latin-Carribean inspired rhythms with an ...
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Eversonpaladini Eversonpaladini Latin
Everson Eduardo Paladini, Brazilian, catarinense, was born in 28/05, with his family, it fastened re...
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Talento Oculto Talento Oculto Latin
We want to thank everyone for visiting our page and taking the time to get to know us better. Talent...
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Final 4our Latin Add To Favorites
Carly Tones Latin Add To Favorites
Bimbo Latin Add To Favorites
Daniel Canueto Latin Add To Favorites
Color Latino Latin Add To Favorites
Danyan Latin Add To Favorites
La Orquesta Samecumba Latin Add To Favorites
Vicent and the Q Latin Add To Favorites
Melinda Del Toro Latin Add To Favorites
Nebell Latin Add To Favorites
Legend Vega Latin Add To Favorites
Mucho Ax� Latin Add To Favorites
Cool New Artists
Pollyanna Alves  - Latin Music Artist Pollyanna Alves
Latin Artist
Joined on 9/7/2010
Susy Sandoval - Latin Music Artist Susy Sandoval
Latin Artist
Joined on 10/31/2008
Antonio El Gato - Latin Music Artist Antonio El Gato
Latin Artist
Joined on 10/13/2008
Vicent and the Q - Latin Music Artist Vicent and the Q
Latin Artist
Joined on 10/3/2008
Dave Percell  - Latin Music Artist Dave Percell
Latin Artist
Joined on 9/28/2008
Burnt Status - Latin Music Artist Burnt Status
Latin Artist
Joined on 8/29/2008
Talento Oculto - Latin Music Artist Talento Oculto
Latin Artist
Joined on 5/27/2008
Matt Bianco - Latin Music Artist Matt Bianco
Latin Artist
Joined on 4/24/2008
Bimbo  - Latin Music Artist Bimbo
Latin Artist
Joined on 1/5/2008
Briganxter - Latin Music Artist Briganxter
Latin Artist
Joined on 1/3/2008

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