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The Signal Receivers The Signal Receivers Christian
We are a Church on a search. TSR first began as a band in High School dreaming of being able to rec...
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Keilah Keilah Christian
With their tight vocal harmonies, sophisticated lyrics, intricate guitar fretwork, and signature per...
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Beloved Beloved Christian
As a rising force in the increasingly popular world of Contemporary Christian Rock music, Beloved ha...
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Lacie Thibodeaux Lacie Thibodeaux Christian
At the age of eight, I began my musical journey by taking vocal lessons, and the journey hasn�t stop...
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Patricia Ivey Patricia Ivey Christian
Born Patricia Lynn Ivey in May of 1972, in Texas; married Joseph Flores in 1997; Education: Attended...
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Jill Riter Jill Riter Christian
I am a singer-songwriter, wife and mother... and the more I follow Christ, the more I see how much I...
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1. Now I Lay Me Listen to Now I Lay Me by Giving Back Add To Favorites
By Giving Back

Cool New Artists
Giving Back - Christian Music Artist Giving Back
Christian Artist
Joined on 4/3/2010
Freakshift Dialect - Christian Music Artist Freakshift Dialect
Christian Artist
Joined on 3/18/2010
Matthew Fogle - Christian Music Artist Matthew Fogle
Christian Artist
Joined on 3/4/2010
Patricia Ivey - Christian Music Artist Patricia Ivey
Christian Artist
Joined on 1/28/2010
BD Stouder - Christian Music Artist BD Stouder
Christian Artist
Joined on 9/7/2008
Mike Siener - Christian Music Artist Mike Siener
Christian Artist
Joined on 9/6/2008
Mercys Cry - Christian Music Artist Mercys Cry
Christian Artist
Joined on 8/20/2008
Rodney J. Harris - Christian Music Artist Rodney J. Harris
Christian Artist
Joined on 7/13/2008
James B. Graham - Christian Music Artist James B. Graham
Christian Artist
Joined on 7/12/2008
Lori and Whitney Croy - Christian Music Artist Lori and Whitney Croy
Christian Artist
Joined on 4/25/2008

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