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Darian Stavans Darian Stavans Classical
Darian Stavans (b. 1962) composer, pianist, music producer. Composer of concert music for different ...
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Christopher Robson Christopher Robson Classical
Christopher Robson was born in Falkirk Scotland and is widely regarded as one of the foremost expone...
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Matthew Reid Matthew Reid Classical
Matthew Reid is a classically trained, eclectic composer. Currently, he is the musical director for ...
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Phil Close Phil Close Classical
Phil Close, aka PhillyC, is a Percussionist and Composer out of Rochester, NY. He has been playing d...
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Aural Night Aural Night Classical
Aural Night - Instrumental Keyboard Music with an Attitude! In genre terms this music falls somewhe...
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Eva Fampas Eva Fampas Classical
Eva Fampas, A highly acclaimed Greek virtuoso guitarist, who performs regularly throughout the world...
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StringTunes Classical Add To Favorites
Craig Goodwin Classical Add To Favorites
Michael Ferris Classical Add To Favorites
Elena Gantchikova Classical Add To Favorites
Jose Travieso Classical Add To Favorites
Hugh O'Shea Classical Add To Favorites
Wiebke Hoogklimmer Classical Add To Favorites
Paula Goodman Wilder Classical Add To Favorites
Armine Abrahamyan Classical Add To Favorites
Dan Phelps Classical Add To Favorites
Dorian Griner Classical Add To Favorites
De Wet Bruwer Classical Add To Favorites
Cool New Artists
Jose Travieso - Classical Music Artist Jose Travieso
Classical Artist
Joined on 7/9/2010
Vallin/Song For All Seasons - Classical Music Artist Vallin/Song For All Seasons
Classical Artist
Joined on 6/8/2010
Hugh O'Shea - Classical Music Artist Hugh O'Shea
Classical Artist
Joined on 4/30/2010
Elena Gantchikova - Classical Music Artist Elena Gantchikova
Classical Artist
Joined on 4/30/2010
Laskar kopi - Classical Music Artist Laskar kopi
Classical Artist
Joined on 4/15/2010
Matthew Reid - Classical Music Artist Matthew Reid
Classical Artist
Joined on 9/28/2008
Armine  - Classical Music Artist Armine
Classical Artist
Joined on 8/29/2008
Siren On Jonna Enckell - Classical Music Artist Siren On Jonna Enckell
Classical Artist
Joined on 8/9/2008
Yasen Iliev - Classical Music Artist Yasen Iliev
Classical Artist
Joined on 7/26/2008
Jaime Mansilla - Classical Music Artist Jaime Mansilla
Classical Artist
Joined on 6/17/2008

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