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Hip Hop/Rap Indie Music Artists

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Indie Hip Hop/Rap Music Artists - Recently Active

Vinny Rebel  
Tyger Vinum  
Ronnie Run  

Baby Dock  

C 'Quence  
RottenApple HQNYC  

SmoQ Digga  
Lil Macc Loco  
Foe Certain  

Brother Mohammad   
E. Grizzly  
Chase Millionz  

Benny Blanco  
CT Crew  

Trent Live  
Young Dynasty  
QB Smoove  
Superstar the Champ  

Quota & Da Entourage  
S.J Carter  
Kings Court  

Mista Traxx  
Pookee P-Dub  
Rasta Baby  

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Hot New Hip Hop/Rap Songs
1. Loving You Is Kind Listen to Loving You Is Kind by Terblelos
By Terblelos
2. Intro- Gangsta World Listen to Intro- Gangsta World by Ice Cold
By Ice Cold
3. Am A G Listen to Am A G by Ice Cold
By Ice Cold
4. Good Turned Bad Listen to Good Turned Bad by Ice Cold
By Ice Cold
5. House Listen to House by Young Dirty Bastard
By Young Dirty Bastard
6. Ghetto Life Listen to Ghetto Life by Ronnie Run
By Ronnie Run
7. T.A.Y.E. Rising(feat.Sti-Lo Re... Listen to T.A.Y.E. Rising(feat.Sti-Lo Reel & Lyrik Lasha) by T.A.Y.E.
By T.A.Y.E.
8. Childhood Memories Listen to Childhood Memories by T.A.Y.E.
By T.A.Y.E.
9. Look No Further Listen to Look No Further by Flauce
By Flauce
10. Memories Listen to Memories by Flauce
By Flauce

Cool New Hip Hop/Rap Artists
Madstreet Media
Hip Hop/Rap Artist
Joined on 1/20/2014
Mike Dangle
Hip Hop/Rap Artist
Joined on 1/18/2014
Hip Hop/Rap Artist
Joined on 1/9/2014
D Chord P
Hip Hop/Rap Artist
Joined on 1/5/2014
Aeon The Ace
Hip Hop/Rap Artist
Joined on 12/31/2013

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