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   Music Industry

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Music Industry
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 Record Label Profiles

Record Label Profiles Record labels are businesses that work with music artists on a contract basis and provide all the means necessary to prepping and bringing products to markets.
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 Music Production Profiles

Music Production Profiles From building artist images to the actual creation of music, production companies focus on the development of sellable music products.
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 Music Publishing Profiles

Music Publishing Profiles Music publishing companies introduce music products to targeted markets, ensuring availability to intended audiences, and managing licensing, sales, and royalties.
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 Law Firm Profiles

Law Firm Profiles Entertainment law firms counsel music businesses in the areas of contracts, copyrighting, trademarking, multimedia laws, intellectual property, and music publishing.
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 Artist Management Profiles

Artist Management Profiles Artist management businesses work directly for the music artist in managing public relations, business operations, and bringing deals to fruition.
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 Music Promotion Profiles

Music Promotion Profiles Music promotion companies promote music products within the industry to further its position, establishing product appeal, and increasing its market cap.
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 Broadcasting Profiles

Broadcasting Profiles Broadcasting companies play music on the radio and/or web and specialize in getting music heard by a wider base of listeners across geograpghical regions.
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