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Blind Idiot God

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Blind Idiot God
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Blind Idiot God

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Who is Blind Idiot God?

Blind Idiot God is an instrumental rock trio formed in the mid-1980s in St. Louis, Missouri by guitarist Andy Hawkins, bassist Gabe Katz and drummer Ted Epstein. They socialized with the St. Louis hardcore punk scene, including members of Drunks with Guns and Ultraman. After hearing their self-produced cassette demo, Greg Ginn of Black Flag signed them to SST Records, and the band moved to Brooklyn. In 2006, Blind Idiot God reunited after roughly a decade of inactivity, with Tim Wyskida replacing Epstein. Though at its core heavy metal, Blind Idiot God's music was informed by punk rock, dub reggae, and classical music composers, notably György Ligeti and Igor Stravinsky. In a 1997 Guitar Player interview, Hawkins explained one reason he dr... Read More

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Blind Idiot God
Blind Idiot God
Blind Idiot God
Blind Idiot God
Blind Idiot God
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