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Bob Richard's

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Bob Richard's
Artist Statistics
Artistopia Rank : 11
Member Since : 9/2005
Last Login : 6/8/2013
Views : 41,946
Songs : 22
Events : 21
Alliances : 12
Releases : 7
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Latest Music By Bob Richard's
The Truth Is Hurting Me
The Truth Is Hurting Me
Published Date : 11/2005
Total Downloads : 1,030
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Artist News and Press

Press Releases
Merging Talents 12/14/2006
Bob Richard's Is Back 5/8/2006
He's back at artistopia with a new release - I Like It, I Love It. A Tim Mcgraw cover song. He disapeared from the music scene for awhile to spend some much needed time w....
As We Go On Through The Night 12/29/2005
A new hit song from Bob Richard's which was inspired from his wife. It's a love song with a hint of reality for most people that listen to it. This is a song that will to....
Bob Richard's Contacts The Uso 12/27/2005
I was watching CNN last night and noticed they could not get any stars to entertain the troops. Suddenly it came to me, I know alot of talented people here at artistopia....
Bob Richard's Ascap Membership 11/5/2005
On October 28, 2005 Bob Richard's has been accepted into ASCAP. As you may know ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Athors and Publishers) is a performing rights organi....
New Country Artist Making Huge Impact 10/2/2005
Bob Richard's has only been on the internet a few days, and is making it an overnight success. A man from very humble beginings. His recent interview with artistopia give....
Interview With Bob Richard's 9/30/2005
Q. At what age did you realize you wanted to become a music artist and why? From what I've been told, my grandmother had me singing you are my sunshine with her a....
Bob's Country 10/16/2005

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