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   Bryan White Biography

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Bryan White
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Bryan White Bio

"Bryan White" was born February 17, 1974 in Lawton, Oklahoma. In the mid 1990's, when Bryan was only in his early 20's, he quickly became one of country music's hottest young stars earning four number one singles in a row with his songs "Someone Else's Star" and "Rebecca Lynn" from his debut album, and "So Much For Pretending" and "I'm Not Supposed to Love You Anymore" from his second album. Although one critic labeled Bryan's first two albums as "surprisingly mature", it was mainly teen fans which helped lauch his succes. The first issue of Teen Country magazine was devoted soley to him.

Then after having two platinum albums, his popularity faltered a bit with his third album going gold, and his fourth album not even making it that far.

Being so young and then thrust into stardom so fast ended up taking it's toll on White. As Bryan has stated, "My identity was formed by the music industry...", and his career and success began defining who he was to himself. With his fourth album being less than successful, he started doubting himself and his talent which landed him in a deep depression, forcing him to take some time off until 2005, when he began work on another album.

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