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Emily is a common feminine name in Western society. For more on the name, see Emily (given name) .

The name may refer to:



  • Emily Atack (born 1989), British actress

  • Emily Barclay (born 1984), New Zealand actress

  • Emily Blunt (born 1983), English actress

  • Emily Browning (born 1988), Australian actress

  • Emily Booth (born 1976), English actress and TV presenter

  • Emily Deschanel (born 1976), American actress

  • Emily Gimmel (born 1984), American journalist and TV personality

  • Emily Hampshire (born 1981), Canadian actress

  • Emily Joyce (born 1969), British actress

  • Emily Lloyd (born 1970), British actress

  • Emily Mortimer (born 1971), English actress

  • Emily Osment (born 1992), American actress

  • Emily Perkins (born 1977), Canadian actress

  • Emily Procter (born 1968), American actress

  • Emily Rose (actress) (born 1981), American actress

  • Emily Rutherfurd (born 1974), American actress

  • Emma Stone|Emily 'Emma' Stone (born 1988), American actress

  • Emily VanCamp (born 1986), Canadian actress

  • Emily Watson (born 1967), English actress

  • Musicians

  • Emily (Slovak singer) , assumed name of Slovak singer Denisa Petr�kov�

  • Emily Bauer (born 1981), American singer

  • Emily Haines (born 1974), Canadian indie rock singer-songwriter

  • Emily Remler (1957�1990), American jazz guitarist

  • Emily Robison (born 1972), American songwriter

  • Emily Saliers (born 1963), American singer-songwriter

  • Emily Smith (singer) (born 1981), Scottish folk singer

  • Sportswomen

  • Emily Cross (born 1986), American foil fencer

  • Emily Csikos (born 1988), Canadian water polo player

  • Emily Gillam (born 1977), New Zealand field hockey player

  • Emily Hughes (born 1989), American figure skater

  • Emily Jacobson (born 1985), American saber fencer

  • Emily Kukors (born 1985), American swimmer

  • Emily Lesueur (born 1972), American synchronized swimmer

  • Emily Samuelson (born 1990), American figure skater

  • Emily Seebohm (born 1992), Australian swimmer

  • Emily Silver (born 1985), American swimmer

  • Emily Hood Westacott (1910�1980), Australian tennis player

  • Emily Westwood (born 1984), English football player

  • Writers

  • Emily Barton (born 1969), American novelist

  • Emily Bazelon (born 1971), American journalist

  • Emily Bront� (1818�1848), English novelist, author of Wuthering Heights

  • Emily Carr (1871�1945), Canadian artist and writer

  • Emily Dickinson (1830�1886), American poet

  • Emily Gerard (1849�1905), British author

  • Emily Gravett , British children's author and illustrator

  • Emily Isaacson (born 1975), Canadian poet and nutritionist

  • Emily Arnold McCully (born 1939), American children's author

  • Emily Cheney Neville (1919�1997), American author

  • Emily Perkins (novelist)|Emily Perkins (born 1970), New Zealand author

  • Emily Prager , American author and journalist

  • Emily Smith (author) , British children's author

  • Others

  • Emily Blackwell (1826�1910), American academic

  • Emily Davison (1872�1913), British suffragette

  • Emily Greene Balch (1867�1961), American academic, pacifist and Nobel Laureate

  • Emily Hobhouse (1860�1926), British welfare campaigner

  • Emily Murphy (1868�1933), Canadian feminist

  • Emily Pankhurst (1858�1928), English political activist and leader of the British suffragette movement

  • Emily Austin Perry (1795�1851), Texas historical figure

  • Emily Post (1872�1960), American author on etiquette

  • Emily Shenkl (1910�1996), a leader in the Indian Independence Movement

  • Emily Young (born 1951), British sculptor

  • Emily Young (film director)|Emily Young (born 1970), English film director and screenwriter

  • Fictional characters

  • Emily Bartlett, heroine of Beverly Cleary 's ''Emily's Runaway Imagination

  • Emily Eyefinger , main character of the Emily Eyefinger series about a girl with an eye on her finger

  • Emily Fields , major character in the TV series Pretty Little Liars and the novel series of the same name by Sara Shepard

  • Emily Fitch , character in the TV series Skins

  • Emily, a character from Power Rangers Samurai

  • Emily Thorne , main character in the TV series Revenge

  • Emily Grierson, main character of the William Faulkner short story " A Rose for Emily "

  • Emily Hartwood, a character in the video game series Alone in the Dark

  • Emily Lightman, character in the FOX drama Lie to Me

  • Emily Pollifax , heroine of a series of spy-mystery novels by Dorothy Gilman

  • Emily Prentiss , character on the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds

  • Emily Quartermaine , character on the soap opera General Hospital

  • Emily Byrd Starr , heroine of Lucy Maud Montgomery's Emily of New Moon novels

  • Emily Young, List of Twilight characters#Emily Young|character in The Twilight Saga

  • Emily the Strange , cartoon character and merchandising mascot

  • Emily, major character in Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

  • Emily, List of minor characters in Peanuts#Emily|character in the comic strip Peanuts

  • Emily (Thomas and Friends)|Emily ( Thomas and Friends ) , anthropomorphic steam locomotive in the children's television series Thomas & Friends

  • Emily Bishop , a character from the British soap opera Coronation Street

  • Songs

  • Emily (song)|"Emily" , title song by Johnny Mandel and Johnny Mercer to the film The Americanization of Emily

  • Emily (Dave Koz song)|"Emily" (Dave Koz song) , song on Dave Koz's album Dave Koz

  • Emily (Bowling for Soup song)|"Emily" (Bowling for Soup song) , song on Bowling for Soup's album Drunk Enough to Dance

  • "Emily", song on Adam Green's album Gemstones (album)| Gemstones

  • "Emily", song on Alice in Videoland's album Outrageous& #33; (Alice in Videoland album)|Outrageous!

  • "Emily", song on Elton John's album The One (Elton John album)|The One

  • "Emily", song on Asian versions of Feeder's album Comfort in Sound

  • "Emily", song on First to Last's album Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count

  • "Emily", song on Kelly Jones' album Only the Names Have Been Changed

  • "Emily", song on Joanna Newsom's album Ys (album)| Ys

  • "Emily", song on Manic Street Preachers' album Lifeblood

  • "Emily", song on Michael W. Smith's album Go West Young Man

  • "Emily", song on Since October's album This Is My Heart

  • "Emily", song by Stephen Fretwell , on The Acoustic Album

  • "A Question for Emily Foreman", song on of Montreal's album Aldhils Arboretum

  • "A Rose for Emily", song on The Zombies' album Odessey and Oracle

  • "Emily's Heart", song on Jamie T's album Kings and Queens (Jamie T album)|Kings & Queens

  • " For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her ", song on Simon & Garfunkel's album Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

  • "Like Emily", song on All About Eve's debut album All About Eve (album)|All About Eve

  • " See Emily Play ", song on Pink Floyd's album The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

  • Television and film

  • Emily (TV series)| Emily (TV series) , French cartoon series

  • Emily (The X-Files)|Emily ( The X-Files ) , two-part episode of The X-Files

  • Emilie , English title of the Quebec TV series Les Filles de Caleb

  • Emily (film)| Emily (film) , 1976 film

  • Other uses

  • Emily, Minnesota , U.S.A.

  • Allied identification code for the Japanese Kawanishi H8K flying boat, used in World War II

  • Tropical Storm Emily (disambiguation) , various tropical cyclones

  • See also

  • �milie , a French feminine given name

  • Emilian (disambiguation)

  • Emiliana (disambiguation)

  • List of most popular given names

  • EMILY's List , political action committee in the United States

  • Am�lie , 2001 romantic comedy film

  • Amelia (disambiguation)

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