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Hillsong United

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About|the Hillsong Church youth ministry|the band|Hillsong United (band)Merge to|Hillsong Church|date=July 2010Notability|Organizations|date=July 2010Primary sources|date=July 2010 Hillsong United (now called Hillsong Youth) is the Youth ministry (Evangelical)|youth ministry of Hillsong Church . The youth ministry is combined of four different age groups that meet separately but have "United" nights when they come together. The different age groups are; Fuel for 7th to 9th grade at school, Wildlife for 10th to 12th grade at school, Powerhouse for ages 18 to 25 and Frontline for ages 25 to 35.


When Hillsong Church started in 1983, known as Hills Christian Life Centre, a youth group was established. The first youth pastor was Darko Culjak who was a Bible college student at the time. Donna Crouch was appointed as an assistant in late 1984 due to the expansion of the youth group. Donna Crouch became the youth leader in 1987 . Phil Dooley|Phil and Lucinda Dooley became youth pastor in 1996 when the youth formed two age groups, Wildlife and Powerhouse. After a revival at the 1998 summer camp, the youth ministry began to have "United Nights" when both age groups came together. This is where the name of the youth ministry, Hillsong United, came from. When Sydney Christian Life Centre became the "City Campus" of Hillsong Church, they adopted the Hillsong United youth format, as have all extension services. In 2007, Paul and Andi Andrew became the new youth pastors, as Phil and Lucinda Dooley moved to Cape Town, South Africa to form what is today Hillsong Cape Town. The current head youth pastors of Hillsong United are Nick and Sarah Khiroya.

Hillsong United music

After the 1998 Summer Camp revival, the worship team of the youth ministry began writing songs and after releasing an EP, the 1999 album Everyday (Hillsong United album)|Everyday was released. Since that time the Hillsong United worship team has released an album each year and has grown in popularity. Along with playing in Sydney, the team currently travels the world, touring and holding conferences with thousands of attendees. The Hillsong United (band)|Hillsong United band is currently led by Joel Houston .

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