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I Love You

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wiktionary|I love you I Love You , I Love U or I Luv U may refer to:
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  • I Love You (1918 film)| I Love You (1918 film) , a silent drama written by Catherine Carr (screenwriter)|Catherine Carr

  • I Love You (1979 film)| I Love You (1979 film) , a Tollywood film directed by Vayunandana Rao

  • I Love You (1981 film)| I Love You (1981 film) , a Brazilian drama directed by Arnaldo Jabor

  • I Love You (1982 film)| I Love You (1982 film) , a Pakistani Urdu Waheed Murad filmography|film starring Waheed Murad

  • I Love You (1986 film)| I Love You (1986 film) , a French-Italian drama directed by Marco Ferreri

  • I Love You (1992 film)| I Love You (1992 film) , an Indian Hindi-language film starring Prashanth

  • I Love You (2001 film)| I Love You (2001 film) , a South Korean film starring Oh Ji-ho

  • I Love You (2002 film)| I Love You (2002 film) , a Chinese drama directed by Zhang Yuan

  • I Love You (2005 Croatian film)| I Love You (2005 Croatian film) , a Croatian film

  • I Love You (2005 Indian film)| I Love You (2005 Indian film) , an Indian Oriya film directed by Hara Patnaik

  • I Love You (2007 film)| I Love You (2007 film) , a Bengali film directed by Ravi Kinagi

  • I Love You (2007 Mozambique film)| I Love You (2007 Mozambique film) , a short film made for UNESCO and directed by Rog�rio Manjate

  • I Love You (2008 film)| I Love You (2008 film) , a Pakistani Pashto film starring Arbaaz Khan (Pakistani actor)|Arbaaz Khan

  • I Love You (2012 film)| I Love You (2012 film) , a Bangladeshi film starring Shakib Khan

  • Music


  • I Love You (Aaradhna album)| I Love You (Aaradhna album)

  • I Love You (Amanda Blank album)| I Love You (Amanda Blank album)

  • I Love You (Desireless album)| I Love You (Desireless album)

  • I Love You (Diana Ross album)| I Love You (Diana Ross album)

  • I Love You (Megumi Nakajima album)| I Love You (Megumi Nakajima album)

  • I Love You (Stephanie Nakasian album)| I Love You (Stephanie Nakasian album)

  • I Love U (Mr. Children album)| I Love U (Mr. Children album)

  • I Love You , by Climax Blues Band , or the title song

  • I Love You , by Imants Kalnin�

  • I Love You , by People! , or the title song, a cover of The Zombies' song (see below)

  • I Love You , by T.Love

  • I Love You , by Willie Revillame

  • Songs

  • I Love You (Cliff Richard song)|"I Love You" (Cliff Richard song)

  • I Love You (Cole Porter song)|"I Love You" (Cole Porter song)

  • I Love You (Donna Summer song)|"I Love You" (Donna Summer song)

  • I Love You (Faith Evans song)|"I Love You" (Faith Evans song)

  • I Love You (Martina McBride song)|"I Love You" (Martina McBride song)

  • I Love You (Mary J. Blige song)|"I Love You" (Mary J. Blige song) , not to be confused with "I Love U (Yes I Du)" (see below)

  • I Love You (Sabrina song)|"I Love You" (Sabrina song)

  • I Love You (Vasyl Lazarovich song)|"I Love You" (Vasyl Lazarovich song)

  • I Love You (The Zombies song)|"I Love You" (The Zombies song)

  • I Love You (2NE1 song)|"I Love You" (2NE1 song)

  • I Love U (Tila Tequila song)|"I Love U" (Tila Tequila song)

  • I Luv U (Dizzee Rascal song)|"I Luv U" (Dizzee Rascal song)

  • I Luv U (The Ordinary Boys song)|"I Luv U" (The Ordinary Boys song)

  • "I Love You", by Amy Grant from Unguarded

  • "I Love You", by Avril Lavigne from Goodbye Lullaby

  • "I Love You", by Barenaked Ladies from Gordon (album)|Gordon

  • "I Love You", by C�line Dion from Falling into You

  • "I Love You", by Charice from Charice (album)|Charice

  • "I Love You", by Cheri Dennis from In and Out of Love (Cheri Dennis album)|In and Out of Love

  • "I Love You", by Climax Blues Band

  • "I Love You", by The Dandy Warhols from ...The Dandy Warhols Come Down

  • "I Love You", by Dave Wong

  • "I Love You", by Deborah Gibson

  • "I Love You", by Dru Hill from Dru World Order

  • "I Love You", by G. Love and Special Sauce from G. Love and Special Sauce (album)|G. Love and Special Sauce

  • "I Love You", by Jim Reeves#Initial success in the 1950s|Jim Reeves , with Ginny Wright

  • "I Love You", by P-Square from Danger (P-Square album)|Danger

  • "I Love You", by Sarah McLachlan from Surfacing (album)|Surfacing

  • "I Love You", by the Steve Miller Band from Number 5 (album)|Number 5

  • "I Love You", by Vanilla Ice from To the Extreme

  • "I Love You", by The Volumes

  • "I Love You", by Yello from You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess

  • "I Love You", by Yutaka Ozaki

  • "I Love You", written by Robert Wright and George Forrest, from the operetta Song of Norway

  • "I Love You", theme song for the television program Barney & Friends

  • "I Love You (Miss Robot)", by The Buggles from The Age of Plastic

  • "I Love You (Prelude to Tragedy)", also titled just "I Love You" in some versions, by HIM from Razorblade Romance

  • "I Love U", a song by Chris Brown from Graffiti (Chris Brown album)|Graffiti

  • "I Love U (Yes I Du)", a song by Mary J. Blige from Stronger with Each Tear

  • "I Love U (You Know I Don't)", by The Frogs from My Daughter the Broad

  • Performers

  • I Love You (Yah Tibyah La Blu) , an American rock band

  • Other uses

  • ILOVEYOU , a computer worm that appeared in May 2000

  • I Love You (horse) , a World Cup-winning show jumper descended from Ibrahim (horse)|Ibrahim

  • I Love You (manga)| I Love You (manga) , a series featured in the Japanese shojo manga magazine Ciao (magazine)#I|Ciao

  • I Love You , a 2010 TV comedy special by Jake Johannsen

  • See also

  • " (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons ", a 1945 popular song

  • Love You (disambiguation)

  • Je t'aime (disambiguation)

  • Te Amo (disambiguation)

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