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Muhammad Abdul Jami

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Muhammad Abdul Jami
Artist Statistics
Artistopia Rank : 9
Member Since : 5/2004
Last Login : 7/4/2013
Views : 60,901
Songs : 45
Events : 5
Alliances : 19
Releases : 9
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Latest Music By Muhammad Abdul Jami
Jami: The Gatherer
Jami: The Gatherer
Published Date : 01/09/07
Total Downloads : 339
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Artist News and Press

Press Releases
The Next Computerized Male Idol Winner Is 7/20/2007
Internet Contest!!! 7/13/2007
Sim Idol 3's Muhammad Jami tonight performed Open Arms to a audience of many A.I. Sim Characters !! Now it's up to you Artistopia and the World of Indie Artis....
Jami Makes Sim Idol Top 14!!! 6/18/2007
Throughout the first few years in NYC, Jami has been concentrating more on his second passion-- food. Muhammad Jami was recently accepted into the Culinary Institute of A....
You Tubes Newest Video Flawed! 5/6/2007
This is Muhammad Jami. Someone has written the last Press Release and it wasn't me. Laocie Tyler is in fact the person that wrote the Press release and not me....
Jami: The Gatherer Explained 4/4/2007
After finishing "The Far Away" on his home laptop, Jami say's and quote "I feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted off my shoulders" Jami felt each trac....
You Tube's Newest Music Video 4/4/2007
Once again the artist Muhammad Jami, also known as "Jami" has made another important step to achieving his dream. The song from his newest album "Jami:The Gatherer" has b....
Muhammad Jami Makes Amateur Night At The Apollo 12/24/2006
Amateur Night at the Apollo on Dec 9th Muhammad Jami AKA "Jami" went to the Audition on a whim and auditioned "On Broadway" and made it in!! He m....
Hip Hop, Michael Buble Where Is This Artist Headed... 5/6/2006
On December 29th of last year, Muhammad Jami spent his final winter vacation alone in an empty house. With no food or media access, the artist was left with h....
Interview With Jami 11/7/2005
Q. At what age did you realize you wanted to become a music artist and why? At the age of 7. Q. Most music artists have that special someone or thing that ....

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