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Linda Perry

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BLP sources|date=July 2009Infobox musical artist|image=Linda Perry @ Lincoln Center.jpg|caption= Perry at Lincoln Center, September 12, 2010|name = Linda Perry|Vocal Range = Contralto|genre = Pop music|Pop , pop rock , alternative rock , contemporary R& B|R& B |instrument = Singing|Vocals , guitar , bass guitar , piano |occupation = Musician , songwriter , record producer|producer |label = Interscope Records
Kill Rock Stars Records
Custard Records
Rockstar Records|background = solo_singer|birth_name = Linda M. Perry|birth_date = birth date and age|1965|04|15|birth_place = Springfield, Massachusetts , U.S.
Linda Perry (born April 15, 1965) is an American rock music ian, songwriter , and record producer . Once best known as the lead singer and primary songwriter of 4 Non Blondes , Perry has founded two record labels and has become a major songwriter and producer. She has written and produced hit songs for several successful female singers, including Pink (singer)|P!nk (who had a number 1 hit with Perry's " Get the Party Started "), Christina Aguilera (who had a number 1 hit with Perry's " Beautiful (Christina Aguilera song)|Beautiful "), and Gwen Stefani (" What You Waiting For? " from her album Love. Angel. Music. Baby. ). Perry has also contributed heavily to albums by Courtney Love and Kelly Osbourne as well as signing and distributing James Blunt cite web|url= http://www.hitquarters.com/index.php3? page=intrview/opar/intrview_LindaPerry.html|title=Linda Perry interview|publisher= HitQuarters |accessdate=5 January 2006 in the United States.

Early life

Linda Perry was born in Springfield, Massachusetts , the daughter of Portuguese-American Alfred Xavier Perry and Brazilian-born Marluce Perry. Her mother has worked as a model, designer, and private detective. Her father, Alfred Xavier (1928�2005), worked as both an engineer and a musician.cite web|url= http://www.oldies.com/artist-view/Linda-Perry.html|title=Linda Perry|publisher=Oldies.com|accessdate=2007-03-13 Linda is one of seven siblings; she has five brothers (Jay, Solomon, Mark, Marcel, and John) and one sister (Sally).

Perry spent her youth struggling with kidney disease and then addiction, before focusing on music. Growing up in an artistic and musical household, the young Perry displayed musical talent and interest from an early age. Her first song was "Pity Girls", at the age of 15 (according to an interview from ASCAP in the middle of 2003).


1987�1989: Early career

In early 1987, at the age of 21, Perry moved to San Francisco. As a teenager in San Diego , she had pursued an interest in music, playing the guitar and auditioning for all-girl cover bands. Her arrival in San Francisco would mark the beginning of a career in music, though not before waiting tables, working coat-check, and working at a pizzeria. In San Francisco, Linda lived in a small, windowless room, and would play her guitar and sing her own songs on city streets. Eventually, people began to recognize her as "that chick with the big voice."Citation needed|date=July 2011

1989�1995: 4 Non Blondes

After some time spent paying dues as a solo singer at Bay Area (San Francisco) clubs and coffeehouses, Perry composed her first professional song, called "Down On Your Face", and was recruited into the band 4 Non Blondes by its founder Christa Hillhouse in the middle of 1989 in music|1989 . After several years of playing locally and negotiating with various record companies , the band finally signed with Interscope Records and released its debut album, Bigger, Better, Faster, More! , in late 1992 in music|1992 . The album, featuring Perry as lead singer and dominated by her compositions, was an immediate success and spawned a hit single, the Perry-penned " What's Up? (song)|What's Up? " (often erroneously called "What's Going On? ", since that line is sung repeatedly in the chorus).

While promoting the song, Perry was touring around the world and displayed the word dyke (slang)|"dyke" on her guitar for a performance at the 1994 Billboard Music Awards.cite web |url= http://www.glbtq.com/arts/music_video.html |title=Music Video |publisher= glbtq.com |accessdate=2007-03-13 She has always been openly lesbian . In May 2009, she announced she was dating Cybill Shepherd 's daughter Clementine Ford .cite news |title='Beautiful', Damn It: The Linda Perry-Penned Christina Aguilera Hit�Not to Mention the Sexy Video�Was the Great Queer Anthem of 2003 |periodical= The Advocate |date=January 2004 |first=Larry |last=Flick |url= http://www.thefreelibrary.com/%22Beautiful,%22+damn+it%3A+the+Linda+Perry-penned+Christina+Aguilera...-a0112688957|accessdate=2011-11-29cite web |url= http://www.afterellen.com/people/20009/5/clementine-ford |title=Clementine Ford Confirms Relationship with Linda Perry |publisher= AfterEllen.com and AfterElton.com|afterellen.com |accessdate=2009-05-19

In February 1994, Perry had a solo appearance in Roger Daltrey 's production, album and video A Celebration: The Music of Pete Townshend and The Who . She shared the stage with the Juilliard Orchestra and members of The Who as she sang " Doctor Jimmy ", " Acid Queen ", " I'm Free (The Who song)|I'm Free " (in a duet with Roger Daltrey) and the encore for " Join Together (song)|Join Together " with original The Who members John Entwistle and Pete Townshend . In 1994, a CD and a VHS video of the shows were issued with the songs "Doctor Jimmy" and "I'm Free", while in 1998 a DVD was released with the song "I'm Free" only.

In June 1994, 4 Non Blondes guitarist Roger Rocha was replaced by Concrete Blonde member Jim Mankey , who had just played for Van Halen 's cover " Van Halen (album)|I'm the One " recorded as the theme from the movie Airheads . During sessions at Interscope studios in Los Angeles, the band struggled to come up with a followup to Bigger , and Perry left the band during the attempt to pursue a solo career. The band recorded one last video, for a cover of Led Zeppelin 's " Misty Mountain Hop " with Dave Navarro on guitar.

In a 2011 Rolling Stone interview, while promoting her most recent band, Deep Dark Robot , Perry was quoted saying, "I wasn't really a big fan of my band" due to the "fluffy polished bullshit" sound of Bigger, Better, Faster, More!

1996�2001: Solo career

BLP unsourced section|date=December 2011With the band in disarray and the recording contract unfulfilled, Interscope reluctantly allowed Perry to make a solo CD, dropping the rest of the band. Interscope insisted on choosing the album's producer; the production team selected was Bill Bottrell and members of the Tuesday Night Music Club , who had recently produced Sheryl Crow 's debut. Released in 1996 in music|1996 , In Flight (Linda Perry album)|In Flight was moody, mellow and, at times, dark, far removed from the 4 Non Blondes sound.citation needed|date=December 2011 The release received positive notices, but was a poor seller. Perry joined Red Fish, Blue Fish for her world tour, supporting such acts as The Who.citation needed|date=December 2011 She promoted her CD with her own funds, including an appearance on The Howard Stern Show , during which she participated in "lesbian dial-a-date" and performed her former band's only hit single, "What's Up? ". Perry also hosted the 1997 and 1998 Bammies ( Bay Area Music Awards ).

In 1997, Perry produced a film, Pink as the Day She Was Born , featuring cameos by Les Claypool of Primus (band)|Primus and comedian Margaret Cho . She also launched her own record label, Rockstar Records, for the primary purpose of releasing a CD of band Stone Fox. In addition, she signed another local San Francisco band, 2 Lane Blacktop. The year 1998 saw Perry appearing and performing on CNN as part of a special on music and the Internet �how independent artists are cutting out the major labels. In 1999, she released her second solo album on Rockstar Records, After Hours (Linda Perry album)|After Hours . For the rest of 1999, she opened for Bryan Adams , reuniting with 4 Non Blondes' bassist Christa Hillhouse, then toured behind After Hours , with Hillhouse and San Francisco-based drummer Claudia Page.

In 2001, Perry again returned to music and touring. She wrote a handful of songs, two of which, "Beautiful" and "Cruz", would eventually be recorded and appear on Christina Aguilera's hit album Stripped (2002 album)|Stripped . In 2001, she closed most of her shows with "Beautiful", a song she hoped would be her own comeback hit.

In 2002, Perry made a rare live performance at the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles, where she performed a set of original music and a set of Zeppelin covers. Also in 2002, she made an appearance on a solo record of Gordon Gano , Hitting the Ground , performing the song "So It Goes".

Perry made a live appearance at a DKNY benefit show in Los Angeles, where she joined Slash (musician)|Slash on stage for a version of Led Zeppelin's " Whole Lotta Love ".

In 2005, Perry was a performer at ASCAP's showcase at the Sundance Film Festival . In August 2006, she played piano on Christina Aguilera's performance of "Hurt" at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Perry has signed with the independent label Kill Rock Stars|Kill Rock Stars Records , who re-released her solo album In Flight in October 2005. Featuring new artwork, the re-release includes original videos for "Fill Me Up" and "Freeway". In 2008, Perry played guitar in the video for Christina Aguilera's "Save Me From Myself".

Perry made a live appearance at "Hope For Haiti Now" playing piano while Aguilera premiered a stripped-down version of their song "Lift Me Up". She also made guest appearances on Hole's "Nobody's Daughter" tour and on a concert of the Perry-signed band Little Fish (band)|Little Fish in London. In May 2010, Perry again hosted the "Evening with Women" at L.A.'s Gay and Lesbian Centre, where she reunited with P!nk for a live duet of Perry's song "What's Up? " Christina Aguilera invited Perry to her VH1 Storytellers concert in May 2010. Perry played piano to Aguilera's "Beautiful" and talked about the song.

On November 5, 2010, Perry appeared live in San Francisco with 4 Non Blondes guitar player Roger Rocha at TwentyFifty (formerly CELLSpace). The appearance celebrated the release of Rocha's album with his band The Golden Hearts. It was the first time in 20 years the two had appeared together live. Perry performed a solo set of cover tunes, including Radiohead 's " Creep (Radiohead song)|Creep " and Soundgarden 's " Black Hole Sun ". Perry and Roger Rocha performed one song together, Led Zeppelin's " Communication Breakdown ".

2001�present: Production and songwriting

In 2000, Perry was contacted by pop rock singer P!nk , seeking production and songwriting assistance on her second album. Perry commented on the experience in an interview with HitQuarters : "She was this white girl singing R& B music, and it made absolutely no sense to me why she would call me. So when I got together with her my instinct said, 'Don�t go and be an artist again, don�t get another record deal, find out what you can do with her.' My manager freaked out when I called her and said, cancel all the showcases!" Perry co-wrote and produced much of Pink's successful album Missundaztood , which brought Perry back into the spotlight as a music producer. Perry took full writing credits for the songs "Get the Party Started" and "Lonely Girl". Perry next provided Christina Aguilera the hit " Beautiful (Christina Aguilera song)|Beautiful ".

Since then, she has gone on to work with many artists, including Jewel (singer)|Jewel , Courtney Love , Gwen Stefani , Alicia Keys , Celine Dion , Blaque , Sugababes , Lillix , Robbie Williams , Melissa Etheridge , Sierra Swan , Solange Knowles , Gavin Rossdale , Juliette and the Licks , Lisa Marie Presley , Fischerspooner , Unwritten Law , L.P. (singer)|L.P. , Kelly Osbourne , James Blunt , Cheap Trick , Ben Jelen , Enrique Iglesias and Giusy Ferreri .

The 2002 Faith Hill album Cry (Faith Hill album)|Cry has a song co-written by Perry and Alecia B. Moore ( P!nk ).

In 2003, Perry won two ASCAP awards for her songwriting, and a Grammy Awards nomination for her song "Beautiful" as a contender for "Song of the Year"; the song received the award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance at the 2004 Grammy Awards .

With actress Gina Gershon , she wrote the song "StupidStar" for the movie Prey for Rock and Roll . With Brooklyn rocker L.P. (singer)|L.P. , she co-wrote "The Darkside".

For most of 2004, Perry remained behind the scenes, making another appearance with Camp Freddy, this time at Lo Anglees' Live 103's Birthday Concert. She joined Lisa Marie Presley on stage for songs they wrote together. The year 2004 also saw the release of Courtney Love's solo '' America's Sweetheart (album)|America's Sweetheart , to which Perry heavily contributed.

A song called "Girls & Boys", which was originally intended for Pink but later recorded by Britney Spears , was released as a bonus track on Spears' European DVD release. The track marked Perry's foray into more electroclash -inspired tunes.

She collaborated with art-dance duo Fischerspooner on a few songs for their upcoming release and ended the year with a few co-writing credits on Gwen Stefani's debut, Love. Angel. Music. Baby. , including the album's first single, " What You Waiting For? " Additionally, her Atlantic-distributed label, Custard Records , was launched to promote two new acts, Sunshine and James Blunt. She produced and played guitar on the recording of Blunt's song "No Bravery".Liner notes from Back to Bedlam The year ended with Perry co-writing "Save Me" for the southern California punk rock band Unwritten Law .

Releases for 2005 included Kelly Osbourne's second album, which was written and produced by Perry. The lead track from Osbourne's second album, " One Word ", reached the top of the UK and US dance charts. The song plagiarized Visage 's 1980 hit " Fade to Grey (Visage song)|Fade to Grey " and Perry was forced to credit the writers of that song and pay them royalties.citation needed|date=December 2011
Perry contributed to Christina Aguilera's third studio album, Back to Basics (Christina Aguilera album)|Back to Basics (2006). Perry and Aguilera co-wrote every song.

2007 saw Perry working with Vanessa Carlton on her third studio album, Heroes and Thieves . She also co-wrote and did session work on many of the songs on Sierra Swan 's solo album, Ladyland . She continued work with Courtney Love, Kelis , Cheap Trick, Ziggy Marley,Ben Jelen, Deborah Dyer|Skin , Enrique Iglesias , The Format on the song "Dead End", and "Darker Side of The Moon" on Bay Area artist Goapele 's Change It All album.

In 2007, Perry won an award from the San Francisco chapter of the Recording Academy for her contribution to the world of music. The years 2007 and 2008 saw more tunes written or produced by Linda Perry: The Section Quartet, Alicia Keys, Vanessa Carlton, and Gina Gershon.

In 2008, Perry signed the group Little Fish (band)|Little Fish to her label and began producing its album,cite web |url= http://squidsquad.co.uk/? p=105 |work= Little Fish (band)|Little Fish Official Website |accessdate=2010-02-14 |date=June 20, 2008 |title=Little Fish Sign Record Deal!cite web|url= http://www.bbc.co.uk/oxford/content/articles/2008/05/19/little_fish.shtml|title=Little Fish special|publisher= BBC Oxford |accessdate=19 May 2008 titled Baffled and Beat ,cite web |url= http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm? fuseaction=blog.view& friendId=44063861& blogId=528815373 |work= Myspace |accessdate=2010-02-17 |date=February 9, 2010 |title=First Review Of Our Album "Baffled & Beat" which was released in August 2010.cite web |url= http://www.custardrecords.com/artists/littlefish/index.html |work= Custard Records |accessdate=2010-02-17 |title=CUSTARD RECORDS: Little Fish Bio

In 2009, Perry wrote and produced " A Loaded Smile " for the debut album For Your Entertainment (album)|For Your Entertainment by Adam Lambert . Aguilera's fourth studio album, Bionic (Christina Aguilera album)|Bionic , released in 2010, included another track, written and produced solely by Perry, "Lift Me Up".

In June 2010, Perry announced on her Facebook and Twitter profiles that she was "going to make an album" with her new band Deep Dark Robot , which she founded with Tony Tornay. http://twitter.com/RealLindaPerry/statuses/17038802669 http://twitter.com/Deepdarkrobot http://www.myspace.com/deepdarkrobot The album, 8 Songs About a Girl , was promoted with the single " Won't You Be My Girl? ".
Perry imagined the name Deep Dark Robot as part of an ad-libbed song lyric�"deep dark robot falling in love"�and decided to hang onto the name for her next musical project. http://newyorkplanetmedia.com/2011/03/24/301/
The band released the album in March 2011 and began touring. Tour dates included South by Southwest in Austin, TX and Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, NY. Opening acts have included Cassette Kids citation needed|date=November 2011 and Mother Feather.citation needed|date=November 2011
In 2010 and 2011, Perry, along with Fox Entertainment Group, was the Presenting Sponsor of the Los Angeles talent show STARFEST, benefiting The L.A.C.E.R. Afterschool Programs.

iPhones sessions

In July, Perry started to publish a set of acoustic cover songs that she recorded with her iPhone.
So far she has uploaded recordings of the following songs:

  • "Mad World" by Tears For Fears

  • "Just What I Needed" by The Cars

  • "Creep" by Radiohead

  • "Maybe I'm Amazed" by Paul McCartney

  • "Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden

  • "The Garden" by Linda Perry

  • "Lonely Girl" by Pink

  • "Since You've Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson

  • "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen

  • "Starman" by David Bowie

  • "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers

  • "Joey" by Concrete Blonde

  • "Superstar" by the Carpenters

  • "Last Train" by Travis

  • "Communication Breakdown" by Led Zeppelin

  • "Crimson and Clover" by Tommy James & Peter Lucia

  • "Pray for Forgiveness" by Alicia Keys

  • "Seasons of the Abyss" by Slayer

  • "Oh My Love" by John Lennon

  • "Angie" by The Rolling Stones

  • On her Facebook account she wrote:
    "Iphone sessions are me sitting at my piano an recording song into iphone voice memo. Then I post it. very simple enjoy :)" http://twiturm.com/profile/RealLindaPerry

    Personal life

    She began a relationship with Sara Gilbert in 2011.Grossberg, Josh. http://www.eonline.com/news/sara_gilbert_talks_relationship_with/277646 "Sara Gilbert Talks Relationship With Linda Perry on The Talk". E Online . November 30, 2011. Retrieved December 1, 2011. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/gossip/2011/12/sara-gilbert-new-girlfriend-linda-perry-relationship.html/Sara Gilbert has a new girlfriend, wishes she'd told you herself


    For|4 Non Blondes works|4 Non Blondes#Discography

    Solo works


  • In Flight (Linda Perry album)|In Flight (1995), Interscope Records (September 16, 1996)

  • After Hours (Linda Perry album)|After Hours (1999), Rockstar Records (February 20, 1999)

  • In Flight (Re-Release)|In Flight (2005), re-released by Custard Records and Kill Rock Stars

  • 8 Songs About A Girl (2011), as Deep Dark Robot , Custard Records (March 22, 2011)

  • The Crow: City Of Angels (1996), Hollywood Records (August 30, 1996)

  • "Knock Me Out" Linda Perry (featuring Grace Slick)

  • Production and songwriting

    For|Perry's work as a producer & songwriter|Linda Perry songwriting and production discography

    Other appearances

  • Susanna Hoffs (album)|Susanna Hoffs by Susanna Hoffs (1996):

  • "Weak With Love" Guitar and Backing Vocals by Linda Perry
  • Missundaztood by P!nk (2001)

  • "Lonely Girl" featuring Linda Perry
  • Hitting the Ground by Gordon Gano (2002), Instinct Records (August 19, 2002):

  • "So It Goes" Music and Lyrics by Gordon Gano, Vocals by Linda Perry also featuring Frank Ferrer
  • Prey for Rock & Roll (OST) by Various Artists (2003)

  • "Stupid Star" performed by Gina Gershon , Linda Perry & Patty Schemel
  • Odyssey (Fischerspooner album)|Odyssey by Fischerspooner (2005)

  • "Happy" Additional Vocals by Linda Perry
  • Back to Basics (Christina Aguilera album)|Back to Basics by Christina Aguilera (2006)

  • "Enter the Circus" performed by Linda Perry (uncredited)
  • Plain Girl, Wild Love by Planet Swan (2007)

  • "Chompin' on a Bit" performed by Planet Swan featuring Linda Perry & Sierra Swan
  • Fuzzbox (The Section Quartet album)|Fuzzbox by The Section Quartet (2007)

  • "Paranoid Android" Operatic Vocals by Linda Perry
  • Cheat the Gallows by Bigelf (2008)

  • "Superstar" & "Race With Time" Backing Vocals by Linda Perry
  • Under the Radar (Daniel Powter album)|Under the Radar by Daniel Powter (2008)

  • Gravity (Nico Vega Album)|Gravity by Nico Vega (2009)

  • Wooden Dolls (Nico Vega Album)|Wooden Dolls by Nico Vega (2009)

  • So So Fresh (Nico Vega Album)|So So Fresh by Nico Vega (2009)

  • "Am I Still the One? " performed by Daniel Powter with Linda Perry

    Singles produced or written by Linda Perry

    YearSongArtistPeak chart positions
    2001 " Get the Party Started "Pink (singer)>Pink 42241
    2002Beautiful " Christina Aguilera 21481
    2003Tomorrow (Lillix song)>Tomorrow " Lillix -----
    2004 " What You Waiting For? " Gwen Stefani 4742221
    Mono " Courtney Love -41---
    2005 " One Word " Kelly Osbourne 1219386469
    "Idiot" Lisa Marie Presley -----
    "Save Me (Wake Up Call)" Unwritten Law 108----
    "Redlight" Kelly Osbourne -73---
    2006 "Wonderful Life" Gwen Stefani -----
    "Perfect Stranger" Cheap Trick -----
    Hurt " Christina Aguilera 19112119
    "Nothing But"Skin -----
    2007Candyman " Christina Aguilera 25171182
    "Where Do We Go" Ben Jelen -----
    2008Superwoman " Alicia Keys 8212843-57
    " Keeps Gettin' Better " Christina Aguilera 714141226
    2009 " La Scala (The Ladder) " Giusy Ferreri align="center" align="center" align="center"27 align="center"
    2011 " Put Your Hearts Up " Ariana Grande align="center" align="center" align="center" align="center" align="center"


  • 2004 - Grammy Award for Song of the Year - Nominated Beautiful (Christina Aguilera song)|Beautiful

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  • http://www.myspace.com/lindaperry Linda Perry's Myspace

  • http://www.custardrecords.com/ Linda Perry's label Custard Records

  • http://www.myspace.com/deepdarkrobot Linda Perry's new band Deep Dark Robot on myspace

  • http://www.hitquarters.com/index.php3? page=intrview/opar/intrview_LindaPerry.html Interview, HitQuarters Jan 2006

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