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The Drinkard Singers

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The Drinkard Singers
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The Drinkard Singers

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Who is The Drinkard Singers?

The Drinkard Singers were an American gospel singing group, most successful in the late 1950s and important in the careers of singers Cissy Houston, Dionne Warwick, Dee Dee Warwick, and Judy Clay. Family origins Nitcholas and Delia Drinkard who had eight children - sons William , Hansom , Nicky , and Larry (b. 1931-2012), and daughters Lee (1921-2005), Marie (1922-2007), Anne (1927-2003) and Emily "Cissy" (b. 1933). The Drinkard surname, although gained through a Native American ancestor, has British origins with a meaning that alludes to the running of water. Nitcholas Drinkard was born to a part Dutch, part African-American, mother Susan Bell Drinkard (n�e Fuller, b. 1876) and a full Native American father John Drinkard, Jr. (b. 1870)... Read More

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The Drinkard Singers
The Drinkard Singers
The Drinkard Singers
The Drinkard Singers
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The Drinkard Singers

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