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Who is Venom?

Venom is the toxin used by venomous animals. Venom is injected into victims by means of a bite, sting or other sharp body feature. The potency of different venoms varies; lethal venoms are often characterised by the median lethal dose , expressed in terms of mass fraction , that will kill 50% of victims of a specified type . Diversity Invertebrates Venomous invertebrates include spiders, which use fangs - part of their chelicerae - to inject venom and centipedes, which use forcipules - modified legs - to deliver venom; along with scorpions and stinging insects, which inject venom with a sting. In insects such as bees and wasps the stinger is a modified egg-laying device the ovipositor. Many caterpillars have defensive venom glands ... Read More

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