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WiktionaryTOCright Wally , a nickname for Walter or Wallace , can refer to:


  • Wally Broecker , American geochemist

  • Wally Chambers , American football player

  • Wally Hayward , South African ultra distance runner

  • Wally Lewis , Australian rugby league footballer

  • Wally Moon , American baseball player

  • Wally Parks , a founder of the National Hot Rod Association

  • Wally Phillips , former United States radio personality

  • Wally Prigg , Australian rugby league footballer

  • Wally Schirra , an American astronaut

  • Wally Szczerbiak , NBA player for the Cleveland Cavaliers

  • Entertainment

  • Wally (band) , British prog rock band

  • Wally (game) , a game commonly played in schools in the north of England,and to a lesser extent Scotland

  • La Wally , an opera by Alfredo Catalani

  • WALL-E , also called Wally (film) , a 2008 film about a robot of the same name by Pixar Animation Studios

  • Fictional characters

  • Wally (Dilbert character) , a lazy engineer from the Dilbert comic strip

  • Wally (Pok�mon) , a character from the Pok�mon video game series

  • Wally (Wallabies mascot)

  • Wally B. Feed , a pirate sidekick in the Monkey Island computer game series

  • Wally Cleaver , the older brother played by Tony Dow on Leave it to Beaver

  • Wally Gator , cartoon by Hanna-Barbera

  • Wally the Green Monster , mascot for the Boston Red Sox

  • Wally Sparks , the titular talk show host in Meet Wally Sparks

  • Wally Squad , undercover policemen in Judge Dredd

  • Wally Week , the main character of an 8-bit computer game series by Mikro-Gen

  • Wally West , one alter ego of The Flash in the DC Comics Universe

  • Wally the Weiner Dog , a dog in the comic Drabble

  • a character in the Where's Wally? series of books (known as Waldo in the United States)

  • Water Wally , mascot of the Singapore waterworks Public Utilities Board

  • The mascot of "Wally World" in '' National Lampoon's Vacation

  • A character in the 1980s Australian water conservation campaign called Don't be a Wally with Water

  • Wallace "Wally" Fitzgerald McGillicutty, the polar bear from the webcomic Wally and Osborne , formerly known as On the Rocks

  • Wallabee "Wally" Beatles , a fictional character from Codename: Kids Next Door

  • Other

  • WALLY (commuter rail) , a proposed service in southeast Michigan

  • Wally (anonymous) , a name often called out at British rock venues in the nineteen seventies and early eighties

  • Wally Yachts , a maritime design and manufacture company

  • The Wally , trophy given to NHRA national event race winners

  • See also

  • Whalley (disambiguation)

  • Wally World (disambiguation)

  • disambig de:Wally

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