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Partnership Alliances

Artistopia invites organizations and businesses of all sizes to propose partnership ideas and initiatives that will result in substantial benefit across industry art forms or to a targeted sector of the music industry. Interested organization should share the vision of developing and nurturing a long-term relationship with a foundation of mutual interest. Alliances and partnerships should meet one or more of the following goals and/or objectives:
  • Promote the advancement of independent music
  • Contribute to the development of a culture or community
  • Introduce credible resources to be offered as services
  • Impact the technology used to deliver independent music solutions
  • Exercise cross promotional channels for brand name building

Submitting a Proposal

All submitted proposals for new partnerships and initiatives will be considered, reviewed, and subjected to the following approval process. First, the proposal must be deemed of interest upon receipt. Second, the proposal will be forwarded to the relevant manager or director for further review. And third, if approved the proposal will be presented to the executive management team for final approval.

Eligible proposals will be assessed on:

  1. The degree of relevance to the partnership goals and objectives stated above
  2. The significance of the impact the partnership will have on the independent music sector
  3. The evidence of an execution strategy, good planning, and effective use of resources
  4. The quality of the proposal, which includes organization, content delivery, and presentation
There is no closing date for partnership initiative proposals. Proposals that are deemed eligible will be considered by the relevant executive manager against the selection criteria as soon as possible. The executive manager or staff may then negotiate with you further or may seek more information. The executive manager may decide whether or not to support the proposal at any point in the process prior to approval.
Successful partnership and initiative proposals are separate from any applications submitted to the corporation for affiliate program consideration. Artistopia's support for partnerships and initiatives is not intended to fund the creative work or professional development of any single organization or individual. Instead, Artistopia’s approval of the partnership merely gives the go ahead for all enlisted parties to do business with Artistopia based on the framework designated in the proposal.

To submit your proposal, email it in an RTF file format to

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